Company Culture

Enterprise purpose

Enterprise purpose: Focus on customer experience, create a star brand, and be a service provider trusted by customers!

Enterprise mission: Constantly create and strive to improve the quality of sponge products!

Company vision: to make the world cleaner, healthier and more beautiful!

Brand value: focus, integrity, sharing, win-win!

Business philosophy: innovation, improvement, service, and stability!

Talent concept: have both ability and political integrity, eclectic, make the best use of their talents!

Service concept: based on service, survive on quality, and seek development on science!

Quality concept: The market is the sea, the quality is the ship, and the quality is the sail!

Business philosophy
Company culture

Company culture: Together, helping each other, unity and friendship!

Company slogan: Today, I regard the company as my home; tomorrow, the company will be proud of me!

Long-term goal: to achieve great success, honesty and prosperity!