4 kinds of makeup techniques for foundation

4 kinds of makeup techniques for foundation, do you know a few beautifying eggs for dry skin and brushes for oily skin.

There must be a girl in this situation. Why is it the same kind of liquid foundation? But other people use it lightly and naturally, but they use heavy and masking. The main reason for this situation is that girls did not choose the right makeup tool according to their actual skin type. If they can choose the right makeup With tools, it can greatly improve the clarity of our makeup.

Makeup Egg for Dry Skin

For girls with dry skin, it is highly recommended to choose makeup eggs, because girls with dry skin are prone to a series of conditions such as peeling powder, and more importantly, girls with dry skin are prone to dissatisfaction with the base makeup. Choose The makeup egg can handle these problems well, and the makeup created by the makeup egg is more docile, clear and natural.

There are many shapes of the beauty egg, which can be used for both dry and wet purposes. For girls with dry skin, before applying makeup, the beauty egg can be thoroughly permeated, and then the water can be wronged out, so that the amount of water contained in it is not A lot more, it can properly increase the moisture level of the base makeup, and be more compliant when applying makeup. It can increase the original compliant degree a lot. It is especially effective. Girls with dry skin can try it.

Brush for oily skin

Girls who recommend oily skin can choose to apply makeup with a brush, and choose to apply makeup with a brush. It is the easiest to create a light and clear nude makeup base. Almost all liquid foundations can be used with brushes, especially for some thick oily foundations. For girls, choose to use a brush to weaken the makeup of the liquid foundation. A less rigid mask will make the makeup look more clear and natural.

First of all, when using it, be sure to spread the liquid foundation on your hands first, and then push them away. Be careful not to use too much at one time. When dipping with a brush, don’t dip too much at a time. Follow the growth direction of the pores and gently send it out, so that the makeup will be lighter and thinner, so that the makeup speed is not only particularly fast, but also for girls with oily skin, the effect of makeup is very natural.

Air cushion for mixed muscles

Girls with mixed muscles are more recommended to choose air cushions, because air cushions are very convenient and have many functions. When using them, they can play a good role in covering flaws. At the same time, air cushions also have a good sun protection effect. And for girls with mixed muscles, the air cushion will make the growth more docile and more natural. The air cushion will not absorb too much powder like a sponge, but also can keep the moisturizing effect as it should be, and it will not make the base makeup too heavy.

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For girls with mixed muscles, it is really the best way to choose an air cushion. The method is basically the same as that of the makeup egg. Before use, spray the surface of the puff to wet. After the wet, the air cushion will have a certain amount of water. Moisturize, and then continue to press the foundation from the inside out to compact her, so that the makeup will be more docile and lasting.

Advertising liquid foundation suitable for oily skin

1. Do not squeeze it with your hands

2. Do not delay the time of removing acne

3. The correct method of removing acne

4. Pay attention to clean the skin

5. Do not pick, pick acne;


Sensitive muscles with hands

Hands are the easiest tool for applying makeup. For sensitive girls, it is recommended to choose to apply makeup by hand. It is not only very fast, but also very clear and natural, but girls use their hands. Before putting on makeup, you must pay attention to the cleaning work and wash your hands, otherwise it is easy for the bacteria on your hands to touch the face, and the face will also be hurt.

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First, when applying makeup, you should start from the center of the face, and then push it away from the inside out. Be careful not to apply too much force when you push it away. Gently apply it with your hands, and then apply evenly. Do it, tap it gently with your hand, and then push it away, not only to pat the liquid foundation evenly, but also to make the follow-up makeup more docile.

If girls want to make their makeup more clear, natural and longer-lasting, they may try the above small methods. According to their suitable skin type, choose the makeup tool that suits them, which can greatly improve the makeup effect.

Post time: Dec-10-2021