Air Cushion Puff

Fresh makeup, starting with cushion puff!

Our air cushion puff does not absorb powder, and has a fine molecular structure inside, which saves the amount of liquid foundation and makes the foundation fit the skin.

Excellent makeup effect with wet and dry use. Dry-use does not shed dandruff, and wet-use makeup feels natural and clear.

The air cushion puff has a fine texture, richness and uniformity, and has a strong memory and a good elastic feel. Fits the classic round design of the face, easily fixes the difficult-to-cover areas under the nose and eyes, and takes care of the details of the face.

The grip is smooth satin ribbon, fine sewing technology, it is not easy to pull off and tear.

The cushion puff is silicone-free and smooths the skin. Q bombs are skin-friendly and suitable for base makeup of more nature.

Meizilai company specializes in the production of various beauty products such as air cushion powder puff, beauty powder puff, makeup brush, makeup brush cleaning box and so on.

Air Cushion Puff

Post time: Dec-10-2021