Beauty Eggs

Meizilai specializes in the production of beauty powder puffs. It uses imported raw materials and unique foaming technology to make the beauty powder puff softer, rebound in seconds, and have fine pores. Everyone knows that for a good beauty makeup puff, the greater the water absorption elasticity, the softer it will fit when it touches the facial skin. Meizilai beauty makeup puffs are made of imported raw materials, soft and skin-friendly, and rebound within seconds. Deformation, it becomes 1.5 to 2 times larger when exposed to water. Unique foaming technology, tight pores, fine pore structure, and compact arrangement rules, which can ensure no powder absorption, no powder jam, and no slag easily, and you will have a perfect and flawless delicate makeup.

Supply from Meizilai manufacturers, specializing in the production of EVA sponge, PVA sponge, and support customization. Our beauty powder puffs are of Class A quality, complete in color and customization packaging. Support logo customization.

Mini Non-Latex Beauty Egg

Post time: Dec-10-2021