How to use silicone powder puff correctly and tips

How to use silicone powder puff correctly and tips
The silicone puff is very simple to use. Usually, we move the lotion a little bit on the skin and move it by pressing. This will make our skin absorb more than the direct massage with the palm of your hand. Avoid skin care products from being absorbed in our palms. And after the silicone puff is applied, the makeup is very clear and the natural concealer is also very good. However, everyone must remember to do a good job of moisturizing the face before pushing, and complete this step before the face has not completely absorbed the skin care products. When using the silicone puff, tap the makeup to quickly push the cosmetics away. , and then perform partial skin tone evenness. Using foundation in this way will save you about half the amount you would normally use.

Silicone puff with powder effect
the cleaning method

Since the silicone powder puff does not eat the liquid foundation, we usually only need to rub it with some cleaning agents such as hand soap or shower gel after each use, and then rinse it with water, it is very easy to clean.

Experience Skills

1. First of all, because the silicone powder puff is relatively difficult to push away, it is best to use only those foundations with relatively thin texture and strong fluidity when using silicone powder puffs, and those with thicker textures. Thick base makeup is best not to use.

2. Since the silicone foundation does not absorb powder very much, after squeezing the liquid foundation onto the back of the hand, first fold the silicone powder puff and roll it up, and then use the entire surface to dip the foundation on the face, and stack a small amount several times. Don’t apply too much at once or the makeup will feel heavy.

3. The silicone powder puff is not as soft as the sponge powder puff, so there may be blind spots when using it. You can use it with the sponge powder puff when you usually use it.


1. There are all kinds of silicone powder puffs on the market, many of which are faked with pu. Pu is relatively hard, and it is also very cheap and tasteful, while a really good silicone powder puff is very soft, similar to the texture of jelly, And it doesn’t have any odor either.

2. The TPU film on the surface of the silicone powder puff cannot be torn off. The silicone in some TPU films is very sticky to the hand. It is this layer of film that allows all makeup to work on the face.

Post time: Jun-23-2022