How to use silicone powder puff correctly

In order to achieve good results with a silicone puff, the correct use method is very important. You should use the method of pressing to move the lotion on the skin a little bit, which is slower than pressing and rubbing directly with the palm, but this method can prevent the skin care products from being absorbed by the palm, and use a silicone puff to push the liquid foundation. The correct method is to quickly push it away in the form of a tap, and then to even out the skin tone locally, you will find that half the amount of foundation is used less than usual. In a different state, the makeup is still very natural and clear, and you will find that the concealer is also very good. The silicone puff can also be used to apply cream blush. After applying the liquid foundation, you can use the method of tapping, a small amount. Apply some blush cream many times, dig some directly on the left and apply it to try it. After pushing it on the right, you will find that it is very natural and clear, just like the good complexion that comes out of your skin.

Silicone puff or beauty egg which is better to use

Silicone puffs and beauty eggs are both tools for makeup. Everyone’s favorite makeup tools are different. Compared with the two, the main advantage of silicone powder puffs is that the adhesion is very strong, and it is more clean and hygienic. The beauty egg can make the skin more lustrous, just like a moisturizing muscle, which is very light and has a strong adhesion. First, use a silicone puff to apply makeup, and then apply the liquid foundation to the perfect performance of the moisturizing effect. Come out, the effect is still very obvious after use, and the liquid foundation needs to be used very little, the effect will be better if you use it by tapping, the skin looks smooth, and the makeup effect will be more delicate with the beauty egg. If it is wet, it can make the skin’s makeup more moisturizing. The dosage is about three times that of the silicone powder puff. So you can choose a beauty egg or a silicone puff according to your preferences and skin texture.

In addition to these two makeup tools, there is also an air cushion puff. After using the air cushion puff, the skin looks very shiny, but the makeup will look slightly thicker, and the makeup of the silicone puff will be more natural and clear. The gloss is also quite good. Use the air cushion puff to apply the liquid foundation. The concealer strength is average, the gloss is also average, and it is difficult to pat evenly. The silicone powder puff can control the amount very well, because the silicone powder puff will not absorb powder and come out. The effect is still relatively heavy, and the makeup does not look so natural. When using the puff to dip the powder, be sure not to cover the whole thing, which is very wasteful.

Post time: May-16-2022