How to use sponge puff scientifically?

Sponge puffs are suitable for a wide range of applications, but there are some products that are not suitable for contact with sponge puffs. In addition to the cleansing oil mentioned earlier, there are also liquid blush, because liquid blush dries too quickly, and it is very difficult to rub the face on the puff. Lumpy unevenness is prone to occur. When using a sponge puff to clean the face or clean the mask, be sure to fully soak the sponge puff before contacting the skin, and never “dry rubbing”! Whether you use a whole sponge puff or cut it into small pieces, the way to apply makeup is to pinch the two sides of the sponge and flick it with the protruding middle, so that the advantages of the sponge puff can be fully utilized and the makeup can be thin and natural.

Post time: Mar-03-2023