Production process of cosmetic silicone puff

1. Single-layer silicone powder puff

1. Determine the shape of the puff, and make a mold according to the designed model;

2. Paste a layer of TPU film on the mold, and use vacuum negative pressure to make it close to the mold wall;

3. Mix and stir the liquid silica gel raw materials A and B according to the weight ratio of 1:1, and perform vacuum defoaming treatment. full transparent silicone gel;

4. Can inject liquid silica gel into the mold by hand or glue filling machine;

5. Paste another layer of TPU film;

6. Hot pressing vulcanization molding.

Transparent Silicone Puff
2. Double layer silicone powder puff

The double-layer silicone powder puff is composed of two layers of silica gel, which is punched by laser to punch a plurality of uniform holes on one layer of silica gel. When using, the cosmetic powder is put into the cavity, and the cosmetic powder is squeezed from the punched layer. The silicone leaks out evenly for even makeup application, and a layer of silicone that is not perforated can also be used to further even out makeup.

1. Make two pieces of silica gel of the same shape and size (refer to the single-layer silica gel powder puff process for the specific production method);

2. Use a laser to make small holes evenly on one of the silica gels;

3. Hot-melt and press the edges of the two pieces of silica gel to connect them, leaving one side to connect with the openable adhesive;

Post time: Jun-09-2022