Several methods of cleaning beauty eggs

Girls who often wear makeup will definitely use it frequently, because the beauty egg can make the base makeup more docile and easier to apply. Of course, the beauty egg is not a disposable makeup tool, and it needs to be cleaned after each use. Many people are lazy. After using the perfect makeup egg, they never think of cleaning it. In fact, it is easy to breed bacteria, and if you continue to use it, it will also cause damage to our skin. Let me introduce four kinds of cleaning beauty to you. The little tricks of makeup eggs, hurry up and learn it!
1. Olive oil + detergent
Olive oil and dish soap together are the best materials for cleaning beauty eggs, and these two materials are also must-haves at home. Olive oil helps to remove all kinds of makeup residues on the beauty egg, and dish soap can help to clean the oil dirt in the beauty egg, and the combination of the two can thoroughly clean the beauty egg. This formula is perfect if your beauty egg is not washed for a long time.
2. Neutral soap
Neutral soap is very common in life, and it is very convenient to use it to clean beauty eggs. Compared with neutral soap and detergent, the cleaning effect is more obvious, and it will not cause harm or irritation to the opponent when cleaning. However, if you have sensitive skin, this method is not recommended to try, so as not to cause skin damage.
3. Dedicated beauty egg cleanser
If you don’t want to use cleaning products such as detergent and soap to clean the beauty egg, it is recommended to use a special beauty egg cleaner to clean it, which is relatively milder and less harmful to the beauty egg. The cleaning effect of the special beauty egg cleaner will also be better, so I recommend everyone to use this method to clean the beauty egg.
4. Facial Cleanser + Makeup Remover
When cleaning the beauty egg, you can actually use facial cleanser and makeup remover for cleaning, because facial cleanser is more powerful in cleaning, and makeup remover is more powerful for removing makeup, both of which can be used on the face, naturally. Used to clean makeup eggs.

Post time: Aug-22-2022