Silicone puff or air cushion puff which is better to use?

Silicone puff is a beauty tool that has become popular recently. Which one is better to use, silicone puff or air cushion puff? Find out below!

It depends on personal preference, but I personally feel that silicone is more resistant to dirt than makeup puffs, and the puff needs to be washed frequently!

Apply air cushion bb:
With the original air cushion puff, the concealer and gloss are better, and the makeup is slightly thicker.
The silicone powder puff has a light and natural makeup, it is very close to makeup, and the gloss is okay. I like the effect of this makeup better.
To apply liquid foundation:
The air cushion puff is not lost, the gloss and concealer are average, and it is not easy to shoot evenly!
Silicone puffs are not recommended for applying liquid foundation unless you can control the amount of liquid foundation well, because they do not absorb foundation at all. Even if I apply less liquid foundation, the effect is still very thick and does not feel sticky. Makeup is also very unnatural!

When dipping powder with the puff, do not dipped the entire puff with powder, otherwise it will cause unnecessary waste, and it will not be able to delicately touch the delicate parts such as the nose and the eye area.
The oil secretion at the nose is particularly strong, and it is not suitable to apply too heavy powder makeup, otherwise it will easily cause makeup to fall off. It can play a role in fixing makeup, whitening blackheads and redness.

Post time: Mar-01-2022