There are several types of makeup eggs

1. Block type

I have used block puffs once before, usually a whole piece has been cut, about 24 pieces, and I break off a piece every time I use it.

Because the edges of the block are not too thin and round, it is a little difficult to draw the eye area and the position of the nose.

The longest front has a larger area and can be used to draw cheeks, forehead and other places.

The side can be used as a base powder for the chin and mouth, but the problem is still that the cut is too square, and it is always a bit unconvincing.

Of course, the cubes are still beneficial. They are disposable and disposable. They are very convenient and fast. They don’t need to be cleaned, but they are not environmentally friendly.

If you stay at home most of the weekend, 24 yuan can barely last a month.

Later, I felt that the price/performance ratio was not high, so I abandoned it.

2. Mushroom type

The puff with a mushroom head has a handle, which is very convenient to hold and carry, but there are two relatively big flaws when using it.

One is too round, the so-called extreme will reverse, the design of the whole powder puff can only take good care of the cheekbones, the details are completely ignored, I want to use it to draw eyes and nose, for me who is shaking my hands, it is simply not enough possible tasks.

In addition, the area is too small. Although it will become larger after soaking in water, the absolute area is too small. When drawing the chin, neck and forehead, the pressing action needs to be many times more than other eggs to complete. For the little fairies who are in a hurry That being said, I really don’t recommend it.

3. Water drop type

The water drop shape is a classic model, one of my favorite shapes. The reason is very simple, 360 degrees without edges and corners, and it is very docile when pressed against the face.

It can take care of details such as lying silkworms and the tail of eyes, as well as large areas such as forehead and cheeks. It’s very comfortable to use.

4. Gourd type

The gourd-shaped egg is also one of the classic models. It is said that the first batch of beauty eggs that appeared in China was in this shape.

The gourd egg is also well-designed, it should be wider, it should be thinner, and it has a very good own characteristic.

It is the concave part of the gourd. This round concave curve fits the foundation makeup on the chin very well. It is perfect, and I like it very much.

5. Oblique cut type

The oblique cut type is a very easy-to-use model, which can be said to be an upgraded version of the water drop type. In addition to the advantages of the water drop type, it can also be used directly and is mainly used for setting makeup.

Use the oblique cut plane, evenly dip in the setting powder, gently press it on a clean paper towel, and then press it lightly on the face to achieve the effect of setting makeup, especially suitable for combination skin or oily skin.

Post time: Mar-06-2023