What are the advantages of beauty eggs

The shape design makes it easier to apply makeup without dead ends; the texture is soft, and the makeup is more docile and lighter; the beauty egg is more delicate and does not stick to powder.

Since the beauty egg was born, it has been sought after by many makeup experts and fashion people. In terms of makeup feel, the beauty egg is relatively lighter, but its coverage is not inferior to other tools such as makeup brushes. And the effect of the makeup brush appears to be more powdery, if you can use the makeup egg and apply it evenly, it will make the skin look translucent and white.

In terms of shape, beauty eggs are generally drop-shaped, egg-shaped or oval. At present, there are several faceted or small block-shaped beauty eggs on the market, which gives them a great advantage in the details of makeup. Compared with other makeup tools, it is either round or beveled in shape. Although the speed of makeup application is faster than that of beauty eggs, it is much worse in terms of details.

In terms of texture, the material of beauty egg is often sponge, which is more comfortable to the touch and very soft when applied to the face, while the main material of other makeup tools such as makeup brushes is animal hair. In terms of comfort alone, it is definitely not as good as the makeup egg, but it should be noted that the makeup egg needs to be sprayed with a small amount of water before applying makeup to increase its moisturization. Due to the particularity of the sponge material, its powder absorption performance is also low. reduced to a certain extent.

When using the beauty egg, we should first apply the foundation on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, etc., and then use the beauty egg to gently pat open. For the eyes and angular parts, we need to use the beauty egg. The pointed end, for the open and flat part, use the egg body of the beauty makeup egg. It should be reminded that the beauty makeup egg must be placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally after use, otherwise it will breed bacteria.

Post time: Oct-08-2022