What is the Purpose of the Beauty Egg?

1. Primer: Squeeze the liquid foundation on your hand or point it on, make up the beauty makeup at any angle, and reproduce a uniform and clear foundation with a light flick with a stamp.

2. Concealer: original contamination, focus, no pulling to avoid fine lines.

3. Eye shadow: squash the lines to depict the natural image.

4. Brighten up: Jun three-dimensional side, dipped in bright powder to make a tall nose.

5. Repair volume: three-dimensional side, you can modify the convenience of the brush at any time.

6. Set makeup: any angle, it is compressed or loose powder, can be taken with hand, long lasting makeup.

The above is the introduction of "What is the purpose of the makeup egg".

The makeup egg is an innovative makeup tool used to apply makeup and is very important for makeup.

What is the Purpose of the Beauty Egg

Post time: Dec-10-2021