Sponges Beauty Egg Blender,Puff Pink Beauty Sponge Blender

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China


Model Number: MZL-01

Washable: Yes

Product Name: Diamond soft Makeup Sponge blender puff Non Latex Beauty Sponge

Material: latex free big beauty Sponge blender

Type: FOUNDATION big beauty Sponge blender

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Powder puff or makeup egg is easy to use
The powder puff is a deeply ingrained makeup tool in everyone's mind, and it is very useful to wipe powder; but recently, most powder puff lovers have been planted by beauty eggs. Here, the editor recommends novice Xiaobai to use the beauty egg to make makeup, which will make the base makeup more suitable, make makeup easier, and very easy to use.
beauty egg
The shape of the beauty egg is more suitable for people's facial features than the powder puff, and it can be more closely applied to the corners of the facial skin, so that the liquid foundation or BB cream can be applied evenly when applying makeup;
The powder puff is not allowed to use the amount, resulting in uneven skin tone.
Secondly, there are many types of models, sizes and styles of makeup eggs. You can choose a complete beauty egg or a beveled beauty egg that suits you to meet the makeup needs of different facial features;
The puff style is relatively simple, and it takes a lot of practice to apply makeup with a puff, which is not suitable for novice Xiaobai. So if you are new to makeup, it is recommended to start with a makeup egg first.

Quick Details

Usage: Facial Makeup Sponge

Shape: Water drop/Oval/Egg big beauty Sponge blender

Color: Yellow/Pink/Skin

Certificate: ISO9001

OEM/ODM: Welcome

Sample: welcome

Egg Shell Beauty Egg03

Packaging & Delivery

Package: Customized Packing

Selling Units: Single item

Single package size: 11×8×8 cm

Single gross weight: 0.240 kg

Package Type: Diamond Big Egg Soft Makeup Sponge Blender Puff Pink Beauty Sponge Blender Sponge Packaging Box

Picture Example:

Egg Shell Beauty Egg06

Beauty egg cleaning method
This is how to use it. No matter what kind of cosmetics it is, it is very suitable.
Remember not to use too much force when cleaning with a new one! The above is a wrong demonstration. When cleaning, use the matching cleaning solution or cleaning soap. They have supporting products.

If the daily makeup tools are not thoroughly cleaned, it is easy to breed bacteria. Clean soap, word-of-mouth sales are also excellent! The natural and mild cleansing soap is based on aloe vera and coconut extracts. It does not contain chemical foaming agents, parabens, sulfates, phthalates or acetone, and will not harm beauty tools. There is a mesh shelf inside, and the cleaning soap can be dried naturally on the shelf, keeping it fresh and does not accumulate moisture.

How to use cleaning soap: first soak the makeup egg, then rub it on the cleaning cream, wash the dirty place by squeezing, and then rinse with water

Cleaning liquid cleaning method: When using the pro-cleaning liquid, first press out a little cleaning liquid, dip the wet and dirty places with the cleaning liquid, and then clean the eggs by pressing.

Lead Time:

Quantity(Sets) 1 - 300 >300
Est. Time(days) 7 To be negotiated

MEIZILAI Diamond Big Egg Soft Makeup Sponge Blender Puff Pink Beauty Sponge Packaging Box

Product Description

Product Range: makeup sponge puff
Name:  Diamond Big Egg Soft Makeup Sponge Blender Puff Pink Beauty Sponge Blender Sponge Packaging Box Yf137
Material:  Latex free
Contents:  1 pcs/set
MOQ:  24 Sets
OEM/ODM:  Welcome

Product Name: Diamond Big Egg Soft Makeup Sponge Blender Puff Pink Beauty Sponge Blender Sponge Packaging Box MEIZILAISHOU

Material: Latex free

Feature: Will be getting bigger when soak in water. Wet and dry powder dual use.

Egg Shell Beauty Egg04
Egg Shell Beauty Egg05
Egg Shell Beauty Egg02
Egg Shell Beauty Egg01
Egg Shell Beauty Egg07
Egg Shell Beauty Egg09
Egg Shell Beauty Egg10

The makeup artifact is a beauty egg. This product will not float powder when used. It is a product recommended by many online beauty bloggers! However, makeup eggs are also very easy to get dirty, so how often do you wash the makeup eggs? How to wash?
How often to wash the beauty egg
If you want to achieve a moist and transparent nude makeup, then soak in water, first soak your hair with pure water, and then apply the base makeup product and press evenly on the face. This not only makes the makeup look transparent and moisturizing, but also saves liquid foundation. There are many kinds of beauty egg materials, depending on what kind of beauty egg you use. Clean at least 1.2 times a week. It is more convenient to prepare a small container specially used as a beauty egg.
How long does it take to change a beauty egg
Beauty eggs are usually replaced every 3 months, but there is no need to throw away the old beauty eggs, you can reuse them. You can also polish shoes or anything, and even apply nail polish!

Egg Shell Beauty Egg11
Egg Shell Beauty Egg12
Egg Shell Beauty Egg13
Egg Shell Beauty Egg14
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Egg Shell Beauty Egg16

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