Warranty Period of Beauty Egg

Warranty Period of Beauty Egg

The shelf life of the beauty egg is generally about two months, but if the usage is not correct, it will only make the beauty egg "lost life."

The beauty egg is actually a consumable and cannot be used for a long time. If the usage is correct, the beauty egg can be changed every two months, but if it is not used properly, it needs to be replaced in time.

In fact, the beauty egg needs to be cleaned after use, but most people are too lazy to clean it. For people who will continue to put on makeup the next day, cleaning the makeup egg will delay things. It’s okay if the makeup egg is dry, but if the makeup egg is not dry, it will also affect the effect of use, so it is recommended to use two beauty The makeup eggs are rotated. If you don’t want this method, it is recommended to wash the makeup eggs once every three days. If you are too lazy to wash, it is recommended to change to a new one a week.

When cleaning the makeup egg, it needs to be cleaned. You can check whether the makeup egg is clean by squeezing. If the squeezed water becomes very clear, it proves that the makeup egg is relatively clean. It is very dirty, which proves that the beauty egg has not been cleaned. In addition, do not wring out the water of the beauty egg by twisting. After cleaning, the makeup eggs need to be air-dried in a dry and ventilated place, and do not just put them on the sink.